The Internet is becoming the town square for the global village of tomorrow ~
Bill Gates

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About Us

It's all happening! Virtually.

The ever increasing number of "SMART" devices including IP Digitital Cameras, Android Enabled Televison, Image Recognition, GPS Location, Field Detection and Biometric Sensors etc., provide business with the opportunity to enhance customer/user experience.

With the continuing sharp rise in smartphone and mobile tablet ownership by personal and business users, developing new ways to utilize Internet Technologies is a great way to put your business into the focus of your customers field-of-view.

Maybe you need access to online timekeeping for your employees or a Web based easy-to-use booking system for customers or an E-Commerce application to harvest orders from mobile shoppers or even a custom enterprise application that integrates with your back-end processes to enhance the efficiency of your salesforce – EXTRA NETWORKS (AUSTRALIA) can help you develop your requirement, we can help you unravel the technology tangle and help you implement what your business needs to succeed in a mobile computing landscape.

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Graphic Design

Logos, Images, Illustrations, Layouts,Typography and other graphic devices, composed into a coherent, distinctive design for you

Web Develop

We custom build websites because your BRAND needs to be unique. Just ask yourself, what is the prime function of all business websites


A business can often need help bringing ideas into reality. We can help by creating innovative ways to secure that. All networks exist for one purpose, creating feedback!