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Michael Macri has released his latest album, "Big and Beautiful", receiving adulation from his fans worldwide. What I love most about "Big and Beautiful" is that it transports you to another time. A time where a orchestrated bands produced a full bodied sound and feel.
The orchestration and production on "Big and Beautiful" provides a rich tapestry, with a smooth, polished feel that crosses the boundaries of genre and demographic. Be ready to be swept into a distinctive sound featuring top notch musicians who have crafted 12 magnificent tracks, each having a life of it's own. In no time flat you will be enveloped into the all encompassing whirlpool of melodies and lyrics and lifted on the wings of superior instrumentation.
With three previous successful albums under his belt, "I Can't Drink With You" in 2008, followed by "The White Bearded Man" and "Journey Man", Michael has honed his craft to a fine edge. With his use of strong lyrics and a charismatic style, Michael Macri has ensured "Big and Beautiful" will turn out to be positive and powerful experience

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Louise Hay has inspired many and has gently guided the whole person, physically, mentally and spiritually into positive change in themselves, thereby realizing true potential. With over 16 years previous experience, you can believe Jan Anderson can pass on to you, Louise Hay’s method for self empowerment. She will help you to create more useful behaviours in yourself and assist you to learn a way to a more successful, peaceful life.
If you believe it is everyone’s birthright to experience a magnificent life? A life filled with peace, joy, love and abundant success but you lack the knowledge, the motivation and the direction to achieve this, then give yourself the opportunity the services of this website promise.
Learn to love yourself and others more fully and deeply. Learn to expel those limiting beliefs that block your joy and creativity. Learn how to gain the courage to explore the extraordinary possibilities that are available to you.
Attend one of the workshops to give yourself the opportunity to self motivate, self realize, self love and Heal Your Life!



Sporting and Action Graphics

CD Crystal Case and Cover


dcyphr - Solve the quote game ~ click me>

Decipher the letters to find the hidden message.
Picking a letter from the alphabet array or the keyboard. will set the 'cipher change letter'.
When you select a letter in the hidden message it is swapped for the 'cipher change letter'.
HARD mode no clue letters and deciphered letters are not fixed.
EASY mode, clue letters are given and the 'cipher change letter' will turn green if it is correctly positioned.
Once a letter is deciphered it remains green for the duration of the puzzle.
Turn all the letters to green and to solve the puzzle.
Time taken to complete the puzzle will be displayed when you solve it.


Bombs Away - A tetris like game ~ click me>

Bombs Away uses 7 coloured bombs in all the colours of the rainbow ROY.G.BIV
Flights of three rainbow coloured bombs fall down from the top.

Move the flight <-left or right-> using the keyboard keys.
Cycle the colour position using up-arrow or drop them using down-arrow.
When you get 3 or more of the same colour bomb in a vertical, horizontal or
diagonal row, they explode and you score 10 points for each bomb.
If a row of 4 bombs burst you get double bonus.
If a row of 5 bombs burst you get triple bonus.
When you fill a column to the top with bombs,
you loose the option of moving flights left and right.
The game ends when all positions on the screen are filled with a bombs.


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Happy Fruit calls “Red Cliffs”  home. A small rural town approx. 16kms from Mildura, Red Cliffs is adjacent to the Murray River, with a population of about 5,000.
The area is sustained by the  massive irrigation project which supplies over 400 megalitres anually to 5000 hectares of grapevines mainly grown for dried fruit.
The district also supports the largest winery in the southern hemisphere, the Lindemans Karadoc Winery, 11 km from town. South-west of Red Cliffs is the eastern boundary of the huge Murray-Sunset National Park.


Located on the Calder Highway, at Red Cliffs is Big Lizzy. This massive traction engine is the largest ever built in Australia.
br>Big Lizzy weighs over 45 tons, is 34 feet long, 11 feet wide and 18 feet high. the wheels with hinges and cables. She worked for five years clearing mallee scrub in the Red Cliffs area then was moved south to Western Victoria. There it remained for 40 years until it was returned to Red Cliffs.

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Comming Soon!

Hijinx Toys is a new business in the Leggo value added market.
We are currently developing their Website.